Have a Great Gaming Experience: Play Five Card Stud Variant Add 'em Up

An appealing, mesmerizing and enjoyable kind of poker, five card stud poker entices most gamblers who play money games of poker in casinos because it is a fast paced gambling card game. The presence of faced up cards in the game makes it more fascinating and attractive to players. For players who want to have a memorable, great and wonderful gaming experience, they should consider playing other kinds of five card stud poker like Add 'em Up.

Add 'em Up is exciting and unique kind of five card stud poker. Not all casinos offer this game but players can try playing Add 'em Up as a home game. To make their gaming experience more exciting, players should consider placing bets in the game. Hence, let us have a peek at how gamblers play Add 'em Up to assist those who want to play this enticing five card stud poker game in formal settings.

Primary Objective When Playing Add 'em Up

Playing Add 'em Up is as easy as playing the classic five card stud poker. The main difference of this game with the traditional five card stud poker is that the primary objective in the game is to get the weakest or the lowest hand. Hence, this game combines the basic elements of classic five card stud poker and lowball poker.

Add 'em Up Fundamental Rules

Add 'em Up starts with players making ante bets. The dealer gives every player two cards; one exposed card and another unexposed card. After the dealer deals the two cards, the initial betting round comes. The dealer gives another two exposed cards to players then another betting round. Players receive their final card faced down before the last betting round.

Determining Who Wins in the Game

The player with the lowest value of hand wins the pot. After the final betting round, players reveal their cards. To calculate their points, players need to sum up the value of their cards depending on their face value. Players give 11 points to face cards. For instance, if a player gets an ace, three, six, eight and a jack, the player's total points is 29.

Playing Add 'em Up is not as complicated as other variations of five card stud poker which is one of the reasons why many gamblers want to play this game. To prevent themselves from losing big money in this game, players need to manage their bankroll well and they should know when it is appropriate to fold and raise in the game. Above all, it will surely help player if they have ample understanding on some basic poker strategies.