A Peek at the Book "Getting Started in Hold'em"

An attractive game that is always present in major poker events, Texas Holdem shares the limelight in poker tournaments with Omaha poker. This poker variant gets the attention of high-profile gamblers in worldwide casinos. The reasons behind its prominence are that its rules are not hard to follow and the profits from such tournaments are great.

The hardest stage in establishing a career in Texas Holdem is when players start to risk a great amount of their bankroll in games participated by professionals. It is the make or break phase in the careers of poker players. The attitudes and perceptions of players towards the game are reflected on how they will react at this point of their lives. Most of the time, players who continue establishing a name in poker after encountering challenges at this stage are those who become victorious at the end.

To assist players who are determined to make a good reputation in the game, professionals and poker experts show their support to them by giving them advice on how to accomplish their plans. Some poker champions also help them by writing poker books that they will find useful whenever they lose their hopes.

Poker expert Ed Miller helps beginners through the publication of his book "Getting Started in Hold'em." Domination, pre-flop position and semi-bluffing are elaborated in this book. Pot odds, pot equity and implied odds are also important concepts that are discussed and tackled by the author. The relevance of stack size to Texas Holdem new players is highlighted in his writing.

Poker experts who got the chance to assess and review the content of "Getting Started in Hold'em," agree that the book is a best reference a novice player can use. Reviews by professional players show that the book will definitely lead amateurs to the path to success. The book is not just useful for those who want to know about the basics in the game but also to those who want to ensure great wins from the card game.

The selection of poker books available for players of Texas Holdem is broad but this book is one of the top-selling references. Spending time reading "Getting Started in Hold'em," will really benefit amateurs. This book is not exclusive for new poker players because even professionals will learn new things from it. It does not teach players how to play Texas Holdem but it instructs them how to win in Texas Holdem.