Poker Varieties 101; Omaha Poker and How to Play It

There are many way by which you can play poker and many more variations that will change the outcome of your game and wager. There are poker variations that are clearly fun to play, and then there are the boring types of poker. Today, we will present you with a poker type that can be as addicting as Texas Holdem and can even surpass the popularity of Texas Holdem. The poker variety that we are talking about is Omaha poker.

If you are familiar with Texas Holdem poker, then you will love Omaha poker the more. Omaha poker has many betting varieties and has better odds, which we will explain to you in detail later. The basic way to play Omaha poker is very simple. Omaha is usually played with nine to ten people, so there is really a need to call in friends. There are three community cards, and this concept is already familiar to us when we look at Texas Holdem. Every player gets four hole cards and uses two of these to pair them up with the community card to form a poker hand value. That is how simple Omaha poker is.

There are also several styles of Omaha poker, like High-Low Omaha poker. This type of Omaha poker is very popular in casinos and is the easiest way of winning a pot. The goal of high-low Omaha poker is that whoever has the highest poker hand value or whoever has the lowest poker hand value wins. We already know the highest possible poker hand, which is the royal flush, but we now have to learn what a low Omaha poker hand is.

A low hand is everything that does not have pairs and is eight or below. Let us give you an example poker hand; Queen, six, three, two and seven would be a low hand because four out of five are low card and there are no pairs. If however you happen to have a jack, ten, six, four, and three, this would not be considered as a low hand anymore because there are two cards that are higher than eight.

Omaha poker also gives the option to play high-low split, which means that whoever has the highest and whoever has the lowest, have to split the pot. This however can be a good strategy of winning when you want to play Omaha poker in a casino and when you brought a friend.

The poker variant Omaha, as you see now, has much better betting options than the plain poker game and makes the game much more exciting for the player. Now that you know the rules of Omaha poker, you can jump into a poker game and try your luck to get the pot.