Texas Holdem: Know When to Fold or Play the Flop

No matter how it is sliced, the fact is that it is at the flop in Texas Holdem that one will realize just how far he can go into the hand. In order to get the most of your time and money, playing the flop correctly is something that you should strive for early in your playing career.

Among the things that your Texas Holdem strategy has to consider, besides the fact that most hands are formed at the flop, is that the bets are at their lowest. What does this mean?

Simply that, with the money at stake still at a low level, you should decide whether to play on or not, before the stakes become too high. In fact, a lot of Texas Holdem players only play the flop if they have a strong straight or flush draw or if the pot is big.

If you get a strong starting hand, then you can play the flop, taking into consideration your position, of course and depending on what the others have. However if your hands are weak and the flop gives you nothing, fold.

You might get something on the turn, but the cost may be too much, and also consider that if the flop did not give you anything, it might have strengthened the other hands. The turn, in all likelihood, will result in the same. Betting on the turn with your JJ might give you the set, but it might also give the other players a four of a kind, the straight or the flush.

Of course, your Texas Holdem strategy should also take into account the players on the Poker table you are on. The reason is that while having marginal hands on the flop usually means you should fold, it also depends on the players around you.

If they are loose, and based on the other hands like to play with all sorts of Texas Holdem hands, then you can make a bet. By the same token, you should not even bring into the flop a weak hand if the table is very tight. This is even more so when you are in a Poker tournament.

If you are new to the game, your Texas Holdem strategy for playing the flop well rests on how well you know the good starting hands and also the draw odds, in relation to the flop. Knowing these two elements will help decide whether to fold or play on.